Monday, 16 July 2012

Choose almost any frame for your prescription sunglasses!

Frustrated by having to choose between clear vision and glare protection? Did you know that theeycarecompany can make prescription sunglasses to suit your needs? Many glasses wearers are unaware that almost all the styles we keep in store from fashion brands such as Prada or Dita to casual and sports styles such as Oakley and Maui Jim can be made with your prescription.
Oakley Fuel Cell $300 including prescription lenses (for a limited time only)

You might have been told that large fashion sunglasses or anything wrap around was not suitable for you but because theeyecarecompany keeps abreast of the latest in lens technology we are able to fit almost any prescription into an extensive range of the latest styles. Even if you need Multifocals or Bifocals fashionable prescription sunglasses are available for you!

There are many different lens options available for prescription sunglasses including lenses which match exactly the original colour of the sunglasses, polarized lenses (extra glare blockout). All prescription sunglass lenses from theeyecarecompany come with 100% UV protection, merging style and function seamlessly.

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